Water Cooler Rental for Office

Aqua Coolers provides water cooler rentals for the office. You can rent several types of beverage dispensers from us, including: 

Sparkling water dispensers for the office, like our ultra popular Meridian CT.
water cooler rental for officeWater and ice dispensers for the office, including our Polaris and Glacier coolers.
water cooler rental for officeCommercial carbonated water dispensers, included with our Level 6 and Signature memberships.
Commercial bottleless water dispensers, like our newly released Pilot.

We have more five-star Google reviews than all of our competitors combined and doubled. It’s no wonder we’re the country’s top water service provider—when you choose Aqua Coolers, you’re renting the latest and greatest equipment in the industry. No matter who you’re renting for and no matter the beverage, you’ll receive a top-end product.

Something for Everyone

Every mid- and large-sized company has people with several different beverage preferences. Your employees will value if you provide any of the above options on a daily basis. And it’s small things, such as beverage selection, that make people think more highly of organizations.

Advanced Water Optimization

Aqua Coolers’ purification systems use the latest and greatest water purification technology. Each system uses filtration techniques in addition to treatments that meet your personal preferences. Whether you want hot water, sparkling water, or even different forms of ice, Aqua Coolers can cater to your liking. Plus, we provide a variety of dispensers, serving as eco- and cost-friendly alternatives to bottled water. No matter the dispense mode you choose, our technology ensures clean and purified water enriched with minerals and optimized to its pH level, so it becomes water and ice.

Optimal Purification

Providing pure water typically results in wasting 4 gallons for every purified gallon. But our systems waste zero water whatsoever. Zilch. Nada. You can take pride in using systems from Aqua Coolers because you won’t just be drinking clean water—you’ll be making an environmentally-conscious decision as well.

Act now for water cooler rentals for the office and choose Aqua Coolers.

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If your thinking about the installation costs listed above, and your brain is feeling a bit ‘mushy’, that’s ok. It doesn’t make sense – unless 70% of those organizations kept the service.

Over 90% of organizations that try our service choose to keep it. Years later they still do.

Once you’ve submitted your trial request, one of our specialists will contact you to confirm details and schedule installation!

Starting at $58/mo

Level 1 + Endeavor Dispenser + waterREBORN