Service Plan: LEVEL 4 – $129/mo


The Glacier is the ideal dispenser for ice lovers. Encased in stainless steel and glossy composite, it features an ultra quiet, energy efficient, zero water waste ice making system capable of producing up to 125 pounds per day. It features two dispense modes, ambient water and the highly popular Chewblet® ice, each purified by our waterREBORN multi-phase technology. This model is available in both freestanding and countertop variants.

Recommended For...

This model is perfect for ice lovers. The Pilot produces up to 125 pounds of perfectly chewable ice tablets per day, providing you with a refreshing crunch

Not Recommended For...

If ice is not your priority and you’d prefer different dispensing options, try our Pilot or Enterprise models instead.

Client Feedback

“We loved the design and all the different options that the machine offers…especially the sparkling. We were also pleasantly surprised by how easy and quick it was to install.”

Dispense Modes

The Glacier dispenses water purified by the waterREBORN+ system in the following formats.

Cold Water

Popular Uses: iced & sweet teas, energy & sports drink mixes, cold brew coffee, smoothies & slushes, juices, lemon, and limeades.

Hot Water

Popular Uses: hot traditional & herbal teas, French press & instant coffee, warm baby food & formula, aromatherapy with potpourri, hot compresses for pulled muscles.


We take our ice very seriously. That’s why we offer the purest ice option on the market. With our ULTRA+3 advanced purification tech, your ice will be as pure and delicious as your water.

Quality Construction

The Glacier is adorned in high gloss black or white commercial grade composite materials


Peace of Mind

At Aqua Coolers, we strive to provide the safest water drinking experience in order to preserve your peace of mind. We use BPA-free austenitic SS-304 reservoirs in all of our hardware to ensure that no harmful chemicals leech into your water.

superphase #1 RESTART
The goal of this super-phase is to reboot your water back to square one, creating a blank canvas of us to remake your water into something superior.
superphase #2 REBORN
The goal of this super-phase is to transform your water from being just pure, to its healthiest, most nourishing and hydrating state.
FAR-INFRARED RAY INDUCED DECATIONIZATION Restores water molecules ability to pass through your body's aquaporins to hydrate at the cellular level. Detoxification through the elimination of free radicals. Base Media: Tourmaline, Quartz, Hydroxy Apatite
BROAD SPECTRUM MINERAL EMITTERS Injects more than 20 minerals to provide a nutrient boost, anti-oxidants, and increased immune support. Minerals: K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Sr, Zn, Ba, Cr, V, Ni, Co, Cu, Fe, Al, Na, H₂SiO₃, Ag, P, La, Ce, Nb
PH BALANCING + ALKALINITY BOOSTING Smooths water through de-acidification to establish optimal level of softness. Increases PH levels to above neutral. Boosts water alkalinity. This enables your body and water to better buffer changes to PH levels. Base Media: Coral Sand, Quartz, Zeolite, Hydroxy Apatite
FORTIFIES WATER WITH SILVER Injects silver, one of the strongest known anti-bacterial agents, into your water. Possesses the ability to control over 450 forms of viruses. Bacteria that 'consume' the silver nanoparticles become poisonous to other bacteria. Base Media: Zeolite, Silver Ions, Zeo Z1
CHEMICAL REDUCTION VIA ADSORPTION + SUPER-MICRON MECHANICAL REDUCTION Rescrubs your water one last time to ensure it is at peak levels of deliciousness and purity. Coconut-based 2-Micron Powder Activated Carbons (PAC) Fused with Thermoplastic Binder into Block Form

Dispenser Illumination

Equipped with a dispenser light so you never have to worry about over filling your opaque mugs and bottles.