Level 5

$149.00 per month

Level 5 is the highest service plan to feature our waterREBORN+™ multi-phase technology. Along with its increased capacity and three temperature modes, it also dispenses bullet-style Reborn ice. Level 5 includes the ultra sleek Polaris dispenser.




15-20 Average daily users or jugs per month


Gallons of pure water per month


Standard 1/2 liter bottles per month


Ambient Water

Cold Water

Hot Water

Bullet Ice

Service Includes


The Polaris is our premiere waterREBORN dispenser. It is the perfect balance between capacity, dispense modes, and water purification/enhancement. Features include one-hand dispense mode and an illuminated system display.


What do you get when you combing the industry changing power of the waterREBORN+ technology with the Polaris’ integrated bullet ice maker? You get the healthiest and most delicious ice you’ve ever tasted. Now, if it only dispensed scotch…


At Aqua Coolers, we pride ourselves on our installation experience. Whether it’s the professionalism of our highly trained install teams, or the speed and efficiency achieved at every installation, we provide it all at no cost to you.

PURE Connect

With PURE Connect, your waterREBORN purification abilities can be extended beyond your dispenser to up to two additional appliances, like your refrigerator’s ice maker and your favorite coffee or espresso maker.



Experience deliciously pure coffee from your favorite K-cup roast without ever having to refill a reservoir. Just add REBORN Coffee to your plan for only $10/mo. Includes commercial grade coffee maker directly connected to your waterREBORN purification system.

superphase #1 RESTART
The goal of this super-phase is to reboot your water back to square one, creating a blank canvas of us to remake your water into something superior.
superphase #2 REBORN
The goal of this super-phase is to transform your water from being just pure, to its healthiest, most nourishing and hydrating state.
FAR-INFRARED RAY INDUCED DECATIONIZATION Restores water molecules ability to pass through your body's aquaporins to hydrate at the cellular level. Detoxification through the elimination of free radicals. Base Media: Tourmaline, Quartz, Hydroxy Apatite
BROAD SPECTRUM MINERAL EMITTERS Injects more than 20 minerals to provide a nutrient boost, anti-oxidants, and increased immune support. Minerals: K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Sr, Zn, Ba, Cr, V, Ni, Co, Cu, Fe, Al, Na, H₂SiO₃, Ag, P, La, Ce, Nb
PH BALANCING + ALKALINITY BOOSTING Smooths water through de-acidification to establish optimal level of softness. Increases PH levels to above neutral. Boosts water alkalinity. This enables your body and water to better buffer changes to PH levels. Base Media: Coral Sand, Quartz, Zeolite, Hydroxy Apatite
FORTIFIES WATER WITH SILVER Injects silver, one of the strongest known anti-bacterial agents, into your water. Possesses the ability to control over 450 forms of viruses. Bacteria that 'consume' the silver nanoparticles become poisonous to other bacteria. Base Media: Zeolite, Silver Ions, Zeo Z1
CHEMICAL REDUCTION VIA ADSORPTION + SUPER-MICRON MECHANICAL REDUCTION Rescrubs your water one last time to ensure it is at peak levels of deliciousness and purity. Coconut-based 2-Micron Powder Activated Carbons (PAC) Fused with Thermoplastic Binder into Block Form

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PlanLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Capacity1 – 55 – 88 – 1111 – 1515 – 2020 – 25
Water OptimizationwaterREBORNwaterREBORN+waterREBORN+waterREBORNwaterREBORN+waterREBORN
Premium Features
Stainless Steel Storage, Professional InstallationStainless Steel Storage, Professional InstallationStainless Steel Storage, Professional Installation, Appliance ConnectStainless Steel Storage, Professional Installation, Appliance Connect, Aqua-IceStainless Steel Storage, Professional Installation, Appliance Connect, Aqua-IceStainless Steel Storage, Professional Installation, Appliance Connect, Aqua-Sparkling Water, Aqua-Coffee
Advanced Features
Appliance Connect, Aqua-CoffeeAppliance Connect, Aqua-CoffeeAqua-CoffeeAqua-CoffeeAqua-Coffee
HardwareDiscovery 2 / EndeavorEnterprise / VoyagerPilot / CommuterGlacier CT / FSPolarisMeridian CT / FS
Dispense ModesCold + HotCold + HotCold + HotAmbient + Chewblet IceAmbient + Cold + Hot + Bullet IceAmbient + Cold + Hot + Sparkling
Color / FinishBlack / WhiteBlack / WhiteBlack / WhiteBlack + Stainless SteelBlackStainless Steel
Form FactorFreestandingFreestanding / CountertopFreestandingFreestanding / CountertopFreestandingFreestanding / Countertop