Service Plan: LEVEL 6 – $199/mo


Combining the light, effortless feel of Italian design with the power and durability of an expertly crafted product, the Meridian is the pinnacle of water dispenser design. This machine is constructed almost entirely of premium alloys, allowing for its gleaming facade and hardwearing interior. Equipped with IceBank thermal technology, the Meridian offers almost triple the cold water storage and ten times the cold water production of the next closest model, all while expending less energy. Users dispense waterREBORN purified & enhanced water through elegantly designed inox buttons, accessing ambient, cold, hot, or sparkling water. This system is available in both freestanding and countertop variants.


Recommended For...

If you’re looking for maximum service capacity and top of the line hardware, you’ve found the right plan. In addition to fresh standard water, this system includes a sparkling water feature for those who want an extra kick.

Not Recommended For...

If you’re a small startup on a budget and still earning your way to indulging in top-quality office hardware, this plan probably isn’t for you. Explore some of our other systems that are geared to provide smaller businesses with clean, purified water.

Client Feedback

“We loved the design and all the different options that the machine offers…especially the sparkling. We were also pleasantly surprised by how easy and quick it was to install.”

Ambient Water

Popular Uses: drinking water, boiling pasta, cooking vegetables, water for pets, baby formula.

Cold Water

Popular Uses: iced & sweet teas, energy & sports drink mixes, cold brew coffee, smoothies & slushes, juices, lemon, and limeades.

Dispense Modes

The Discovery dispenses water purified by the ULTRA+3 Advanced Purification system in the following formats.

Hot Water

Popular Uses: hot traditional & herbal teas, French press & instant coffee, warm baby food & formula, aromatherapy with potpourri, hot compresses for pulled muscles.

Sparkling Water

A drinking experience so refreshing you’ll never go back to regular water.

PURE Sparkle

Not all sparkling water is created equal. The Meridian first refines your water with its ULTRA+3 advanced purification system, then chills it using IceBank technology. The system then utilizes a professional rotary pump to power stainless steel carbonator, drawing CO₂ from flavor-stain resistant tanks. Bon appé-drink!

Premium Alloys

The Meridian features a full stainless steel body, with anodized aluminum accents, and premium INOX controls.

IceBank Technology

IceBank thermal storage technology acts as an inverted glass of ice water: instead of ice cubes hanging suspended in your water, water is suspended within the ice-lined walls of your dispenser. This significantly lowers energy consumption and increases cold water production


Peace of Mind

At Aqua Coolers, we strive to provide the safest water drinking experience in order to preserve your peace of mind. We use BPA-free austenitic SS-304 reservoirs in all of our hardware to ensure that no harmful chemicals leech into your water.

superphase #1 RESTART
The goal of this super-phase is to reboot your water back to square one, creating a blank canvas of us to remake your water into something superior.
superphase #2 REBORN
The goal of this super-phase is to transform your water from being just pure, to its healthiest, most nourishing and hydrating state.
FAR-INFRARED RAY INDUCED DECATIONIZATION Restores water molecules ability to pass through your body's aquaporins to hydrate at the cellular level. Detoxification through the elimination of free radicals. Base Media: Tourmaline, Quartz, Hydroxy Apatite
BROAD SPECTRUM MINERAL EMITTERS Injects more than 20 minerals to provide a nutrient boost, anti-oxidants, and increased immune support. Minerals: K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Sr, Zn, Ba, Cr, V, Ni, Co, Cu, Fe, Al, Na, H₂SiO₃, Ag, P, La, Ce, Nb
PH BALANCING + ALKALINITY BOOSTING Smooths water through de-acidification to establish optimal level of softness. Increases PH levels to above neutral. Boosts water alkalinity. This enables your body and water to better buffer changes to PH levels. Base Media: Coral Sand, Quartz, Zeolite, Hydroxy Apatite
FORTIFIES WATER WITH SILVER Injects silver, one of the strongest known anti-bacterial agents, into your water. Possesses the ability to control over 450 forms of viruses. Bacteria that 'consume' the silver nanoparticles become poisonous to other bacteria. Base Media: Zeolite, Silver Ions, Zeo Z1
CHEMICAL REDUCTION VIA ADSORPTION + SUPER-MICRON MECHANICAL REDUCTION Rescrubs your water one last time to ensure it is at peak levels of deliciousness and purity. Coconut-based 2-Micron Powder Activated Carbons (PAC) Fused with Thermoplastic Binder into Block Form