We’re the best when it comes to water. Imagine what we can do with coffee.

What happens when you take the most delicious water in and use it to brew your coffee? Tears of joy and the risk of developing a coffee addiction.

Never fill your reservoir again.

Every JAVAPod coffee maker is equipped with our ConstantFlow automatic refill system. This connects to your water cooler, which supplies it with a neverending stream of aqua-water. This handy duo makes our purified water for coffee solution easy and quick to adapt to. 

Never wait to caffeinate.

You’ll never have to wait for your coworkers to finish their brew. Our enhanced coffee solutions can support up to 4x purified coffee makers brewing at once.

Not just pure. REBORN.

Our purified water for coffee makes coffee more delicious – especially when it’s been filtered through dual carbon scrubs and nanofiltration or reverse osmosis. But that’s just the beginning.

Meta-coffee is achieved with our REBORN technology. Through its four phases, it enhance your coffee with characteristics like…

  • Immune support (RESILIENCE)
  • Heart health (ENRICH)
  • Bone density (pH REBALANCE)
  • Detox and nutrient transport capacity (RESTRUCTURE).

Three dispense sizes.

Pre-programmed fill presets for coffee cups (small), mugs (medium), and tumblers (large).

three dispense sizes

K-Cup or traditional.

Our combined water filter and coffee maker are compatible with your preferred coffee pods and grounds. Use your favorite K-Cup pods, or keep things old school with included reusable filters.

K-cup or traditional