The Best Filtered Sparkling Water System in NYC

Bubbly and refreshing sparkling water takes effort and intention. Not all sparkling water is created equal. Like many of the finer things in life, whether that’s a 12 year old single malt scotch or a 20 year old bottle of bordeaux, there’s the best, and then there’s the rest. While some brands may consider simply blowing carbon dioxide through tap water to be sufficient, our goal is to provide our clients with the best. This is how we do it.

It starts by transforming your water from tap to pure, then pure to Aqua.

You can’t make the best filtered sparkling water system in NYC without starting with the best water – and we do not use the term best lightly. Purified water is good, artesian water is better, but Transforming tap water into meta isn’t easy. This is where our 

Metals, cysts, bacteria, viruses and any other contaminants larger than 1/1000th of a microns are rejected.

Our system starts and ends with chemical reduction through the use of natural organic carbon scrubs.

Water molecules cluster together when their hydrogen atoms surrender electrons, inhibiting their ability to transport toxins and nutrients in and out of your body. The RESTRUCTURE phase uses far infrared rays to replenish electrons and re-establish molecular coherence. That means you can drink the same amount of water while increasingly hydrating your body.

It’s well documented that your health can benefit from nutritional supplements. Absorbing them in water is a far more efficient delivery method than vitamins, and doesn’t require any of the fillers. The ENRICH phase does exactly that by injecting over 20 antioxidants, electrolytes, minerals, and other nutrients your body craves.

Maintaining balanced pH levels and positive alkalinity is important. The first prevents the water you consume from leeching calcium and magnesium from your bones and eliminates that unpleasant slimy texture your water may have. The second helps buffer your body against acidity. Our pH REBALANCE phase handles both.

One fantastic way to help avoid sickness and boost your body’s immune support is by fortifying it with silver and Zeolite. Silver is one of the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral agents known to man, while Zeolite has been called “nature’s best antitoxin.” Each of these compounds is infused into your water during the RESILIENCE phase, transferring their valuable benefits to your body. 

Next, a chill that will send shivers of delight up and down your spine.

Nothing can sap the joy out of guzzling down a delicious glass of sparkling water faster than discovering its barely even cold…or worse…room temperature.

Providing an entire NYC office with a near-endless supply of dazzlingly chilled carbonated water isn’t easy – unless you’re using our filtered sparkling water system with IceBank thermal technology.

  • Works on the concept of a reverse glass of ice water, where the ice and water exchange places.
  • Significantly decreases the cooling system’s energy consumption by ‘storing’ it in a bank of ice within an insulated container.
  • Increases the ‘chill factor’ while quadrupling the cold water capacity without increasing the dispenser’s size.

Untainted taste, from beginning to the end.

Maintaining the best and most untainted flavor in an appliance when gasses and liquids are static for extended periods of time isn’t easy or cheap. The most expensive and neglected instance where this occurs are the various storage containers, due to their large size. All of our CO₂ and water tanks and coils use food-grade stainless steel to prevent any contamination from affecting your water’s taste.

Powerfully driven diffusion for the finest carbonated texture.

Our carbonation technology in our filtered sparkling water system creates water that is both pure and crisp, providing you with a drink that is as refreshing as it is bubbly.

We achieve the finest level of carbonation by using a commercial grade rotary pump and professional grade stainless steel carbonator. The result is a delightful paradox that will leave you in absolute bliss.

Buttons that could launch a spaceship.

Whenever you’re ready for a delicious and refreshing glass of sparkling aqua-water, you’ll dispense it by get to push one of the premium INOX buttons. Each looks and feels like it could launch the first mission to Mars.

Why procrastinate?

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