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Whether you are looking for a simple water cooler that supplies an endless stream of pure water or something with more features, Aqua Coolers has the perfect machine for your NYC home or business. We offer several types of water dispensers that provide a varying mixture of hot, cold, and sparkling water. Some dispenser models even come with the capability to make ice from perfectly filtered water.

At Aqua Coolers, we offer three different types of water dispensers in NYC: straight water, water and ice, and sparkling water coolers. Learn more about the options for each style of water dispenser.


Available with Rental Levels:

  • One – Endeavor
  • Two – Enterprise or Voyager
  • Three – Pilot
  • Six – Meridian CT/FS

Models and service plans with a primary focus on water include our smallest to one of our larger capacity coolers. All available models provide at minimum ice-cold and hot water. This is perfect for supplying your employees or guests with various options—from a refreshing glass of cool water to the ability to make a warm cup of tea.

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Water + Ice

Available with Rental Levels:

  • Four – Glacier CT/FS
  • Five – Polaris
  • H2O Signature

There are several options that include water and ice dispenser modes. As with our base water dispenser options, our water and ice hardware utilize the same exceptional filtration systems that set our coolers apart. Filtered water is then transformed, dispensed, or used to create two forms of ice—chewblet and bullet ice.

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Water + Sparkling

Available with Rental Levels:

  • Six – Meridan CT/FS 
  • H2O Signature

Upgrade your water cooler with our advanced technology for sparkling water. This refreshing option is a great addition to any home, office, or business. Take a look at both NYC rental options listed above.

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For whichever type of water dispenser you choose, our NYC-based service team will ensure installation and continued maintenance are professionally done. Contact a representative at Aqua Coolers to learn more.